White Fitted Kitchens

A white kitchen offers refined elegance, brightens smaller or darker areas where light is limited. Pair with stylish sinks and taps for an additional wow factor.

The white cabinets create a blank canvas to offer striking contrasts with worktops, splash backs and door handles. Add personal touches with colours to make it your own.

Free Kitchen Survey

Dunham White Traditional Kitchen
Dunham White £3,882  or £71.00 per month

Leighton White Traditional Kitchen
Leighton White £3,884  or £71.04 per month

Newbury White Kitchen
Newbury White £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Tatton White Traditional Kitchen
Tatton White £2,785  or £47.97 per month

Fusion White Kitchen
Fusion White £3,658  or £66.29 per month

Luna White Contemporary Kitchen
Luna White £3,882  or £71.00 per month

Nova White Contemporary Kitchen
Nova White £2,495  or £41.88 per month

Planar White Contemporary Kitchen
Planar White £3,748  or £68.18 per month

Studio White Contemporary Kitchen
Studio White £3,588  or £64.82 per month

Integra Fusion White Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Fusion White £3,658  or £66.29 per month