Blue Fitted Kitchens

There’s something wonderfully retro about a blue kitchen. Whether it’s a sleek and modern fusion or a traditional shaker, we have ten blue kitchens to suit your personal taste.

The darker midnight shades look great contrasted with light coloured worktops. Or softer Duck Egg and Sky tones offer their own unique impression in both glossy and smooth matt finishes. There’s a shade of blue for every style. 

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Fusion Blue Contemporary Kitchen
Fusion Blue £3,658  or £66.29 per month

Integra Fusion Blue Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Fusion Blue £4,003  or £73.54 per month

Integra Meteor Blue Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Meteor Blue £3,149  or £55.61 per month

Meteor Blue Contemporary Kitchen
Meteor Blue £2,745  or £47.13 per month

Dunham Midnight Traditional Kitchen
Dunham Midnight £3,882  or £71.00 per month

Dunham Sky Traditional Kitchen
Dunham Sky £3,882  or £71.00 per month

Newbury Midnight Traditional Kitchen
Newbury Midnight £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Somerton Duck Egg Traditional Kitchen
Somerton Duck Egg £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Winchester Blue Traditional Kitchen
Winchester Blue £3,799  or £69.25 per month

Winchester Midnight Traditional Kitchen
Winchester Midnight £3,799  or £69.25 per month