Fitted Kitchen Design Collection by Andersons Ltd

Contemporary Kitchens

With our fantastic collection of Contemporary Fitted Kitchen Designs your sure to find a modern kitchen to suit your lifestyle.
Our sleek design finishes can add an exciting new style and colour to your home giving a fresh new look.

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Alpine Graphite Contemporary Kitchen
Alpine Graphite
£2,745  or £47.13 per month

Alpine Oak Contemporary Kitchen
Alpine Oak £2,745  or £47.13 per month

Fusion Blue Contemporary Kitchen
Fusion Blue £3,658  or £66.29 per month

Fusion Champagne Contemporary Kitchen
Fusion Champagne £3,658  or £66.29 per month

Fusion Cream Contemporary Kitchen
Fusion Cream £3,658  or £66.29 per month

Fusion White Contemporary Kitchen
Fusion White £3,658  or £66.29 per month

Intergra Alpine Oak Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Alpine Oak £3,149  or £55.61 per month

Integra Fusion Blue Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Fusion Blue £4,003  or £73.54 per month

Integra Fusion Champagne Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Fusion Champagne £4,003  or £73.54 per month

Integra Fusion Cream Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Fusion Cream £4,003  or £73.54 per month

Integra Fusion White Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Fusion White £4,003  or £73.54 per month

Integra Meteor Blue Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Meteor Blue £3,149  or £55.61 per month

Integra Meteor Cashmere Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Meteor Cashmere £3,149  or £55.61 per month

Integra Meteor Grey Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Meteor Grey £3,149  or £55.61 per month

Integra Meteor Light Grey Contemporary Kitchen
Integra Meteor Light Grey £3,149  or £55.61 per month

Luna Cashmere Contemporary Kitchen
Luna Cashmere £3,339  or £60.86 per month

Luna Cream Contemporary Kitchen
Luna Cream £3,339  or £60.86 per month

Luna Matt Grey Contemporary Kitchen
Luna Matt Grey £3,339  or £60.86 per month

Luna White Contemporary Kitchen
Luna White £3,339  or £60.86 per month

Meteor Blue Contemporary Kitchen
Meteor Blue £2,745  or £47.13 per month

Meteor Cashmere Contemporary Kitchen
Meteor Cashmere £2,745  or £47.13 per month

Meteor Grey Contemporary Kitchen
Meteor Grey £2,745  or £47.13 per month

Meteor Light Grey Contemporary Kitchen
Meteor Light Grey £2,745  or £47.13 per month

Nova Cashmere Contemporary Kitchen
Nova Cashmere £2,495  or £41.88 per month

Nova Cream Contemporary Kitchen
Nova Cream £2,495  or £41.88 per month

Nova White Contemporary Kitchen
Nova White £2,495  or £41.88 per month

Planar Cream Contemporary Kitchen
Planar Cream £3,748  or £68.18 per month

Planar Grey Contemporary Kitchen
Planar Grey £3,748  or £68.18 per month

Planar White Contemporary Kitchen
Planar White £3,748  or £68.18 per month

Studio Cream Contemporary Kitchen
Studio Cream £3,588  or £64.82 per month

Studio Grey Contemporary Kitchen
Studio Grey £3,588  or £64.82 per month

Studio White Contemporary Kitchen
Studio White £3,588  or £64.82 per month

Soho Contemporary Kitchen
Soho £3,936  or £71.00 per month

Traditional Kitchens

With our fantastic collection of Traditional Fitted Kitchen Designs your sure to find a traditional kitchen to suit your family home.

Traditional Kitchens can add a warm and homely style to your home giving a relaxing and vinage look.

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Dunham Dove Grey Traditional Kitchen
Dunham Dove Grey £3,882  or £71.00 per month

Dunham Grey Traditional Kitchen
Dunham Grey £3,882  or £71.00 per month

Dunham Midnight Traditional Kitchen
Dunham Midnight £3,882  or £71.00 per month

Dunham Sky Traditional Kitchen
Dunham Sky £3,882  or £71.00 per month

Dunham White Traditional Kitchen
Dunham White £3,882  or £71.00 per month

Leighton Gloss White Traditional Kitchen
Leighton Gloss White £3,884  or £71.04 per month

Leighton Grey Traditional Kitchen
Leighton Grey £3,884  or £71.04 per month

Leyburn Oak Traditional Kitchen
Leyburn Oak £3,884  or £71.04 per month

Newbury Grey Traditional Kitchen
Newbury Grey £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Newbury Midnight Traditional Kitchen
Newbury Midnight £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Newbury White Traditional Kitchen
Newbury White £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Shaker Cream Traditional Kitchen
Shaker Cream £3,884  or £71.04 per month

Somerton Cream Traditional Kitchen
Somerton Cream £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Somerton Duck Egg Traditional Kitchen
Somerton Duck Egg £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Somerton Fern Traditional Kitchen
Somerton Fern £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Somerton Sage Traditional Kitchen
Somerton Sage £4,353  or £80.88 per month

Tatton Cream Traditional Kitchen
Tatton Cream £2,785  or £47.97 per month

Tatton Oak Traditional Kitchen
Tatton Oak £2,785  or £47.97 per month

Tatton Grey Traditional Kitchen
Tatton Grey £2,785  or £47.97 per month

Tatton White Traditional Kitchen
Tatton White £2,785  or £47.97 per month

Winchester Blue Traditional Kitchen
Winchester Blue £3,799  or £69.25 per month

Winchester Cream Traditional Kitchen
Winchester Cream £3,799  or £69.25 per month

Winchester Grey Traditional Kitchen
Winchester Grey £3,799  or £69.25 per month

Winchester Midnight Traditional Kitchen
Winchester Midnight £3,799  or £69.25 per month

Winchester Acacia Traditional Kitchen
Winchester Acacia £3,799  or £69.25 per month