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Security And Privacy

What Information Do Andersons Ltd Collect About Me?
Very little actually.
If you are a logged in customer then we have information for your user name and password, and your email address.
If you have made a purchase then we have your delivery address for that purchase, as well as a record of the purchase.
If you have added a product to your shopping cart then we have a record of that too, and we will re-load the cart for you next time you visit from the same computer.
Why Do We Collect That?
All the information we store is required to provide you with a shopping and ordering service.
In order to create an account you must provide an email address, this is how we can inform you of the account details.
In order to make an order you must add items to the cart. The cart id is generated by the site and attached to that cart, it is that unique id which we store.
We cannot deliver an order to you without a delivery address.
We may also use the supplied email address to send you order confirmation or delivery information, as well as alert you should we think there may be a problem with your account or order.
We will NOT spam your email address, any future mail-out type promotions will be opt-in rather than opt-out.
How Is It Collected?
The information we collect is, in the main, provided to us by you directly.
In order to set up an account, or place an order we require an email address to which we can send order information. This is requested from you either by the Andersons Ltd web-site, or in the case of an order, by the RBS WorldPay system (it is then returned to us by that service).
We use cookies to store information relating to your current site use, which may be who is logged in and the identification number of their shopping cart.
You can disable cookies, however, if you do, then you will no longer be able to log into the site, or add items to your cart.
The hosting provider of our website may record your web-facing IP address in order to record information about how many unique visitors our site is receiving, whilst we are able to access this, we have no control over it.
Where Is It Stored?
Information you provide us is stored in our database under your user profile, and in our cart system (the cart identification numbers relate to your carts, or orders)
Short term information such as the current user id and current cart id are stored as a cookie on your computer, this is why it is important to log off if you are shopping from a shared or public computer, this advice applies to any and all websites,and is not unique to Andersons Ltd.
Who Is It Shared With?
In order to complete a purchase we will request the amount of the carts value from you via RBS WorldPay. To do so we must share that value (the carts total cost including delivery and a description ‘andersons ltd online purchase’) with the RBS WorldPay system.
Everything else is exclusivley for use by this website, and Andersons Ltd only, and will not be shared with any third parties.
Is It Secure?
Yes it’s secure.
You will notice that at all times when information is requested that could be be deemed sensitive, (address, payment information) it is not by Andersons Ltd, but by RBS WorldPay, and that it is requested via an HTTPS secure connection. – There ought to be a pad lock to indicate the secure connection status.
All other collected information is, by nature not sensitive and should not cause you alarm, your email address, delivery address, user name, password, purchase or quote and even cart use history is not available to any other site users except you and Andersons Ltd.
What Do We Not Store?
This sounds like a backwards question, but the important thing here is that we do not store your payment information, we store that you have or have not paid, we store your order, but crucially we do not store – or ever even find out- how you paid. Your card number or expiry date or any other information pertaining to the actual payment is not collected, or stored by Andersons Ltd.
That infomation is held by RBS WorldPay only, not by Andersons Ltd. The only information shared with us by RBS WorldPay is your address (so we know where to deliver your order) and your email address (so we know where to deliver your invoice receipt).In addition, we do not keep record of your searches, or page views, we may store information on what has been searched for or which pages have been viewed, but this is not associated with particular user or IP address.

Where Can I See, Or Edit What You Have Collected About Me?
All the information we have about you can be viewed in your ‘My Account’ section.
This includes your registered email address, user name and password (all of which can be changed by you) as well as previously saved quotes and previous orders.